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Ilesion The Wine of the Ancient Greeks

Our ancient texts have described in detail how our ancient ancestors drank their wine. However, that old winemaking nowadays is obsolete. Modern wine… Read more

Salad with brown rice and yogurt sauce Video presentation by our client: Not Just Greek Salad. Enjoy it here.

Ajem Pilaf with Brown Rice In 2008, a group with concerns about the “green” of the planet and our diet and based in Thebes, Lamia and Athens, gathered to study the old, primitive ways of production… Read more

Cheese Cake Lemon with rice flour Rice Few, perhaps, know that innocent rice, which 66% of the world’s people base their diet on, which we love because it is nutritious, free of cholesterol and gluten, is one of the most burdensome chemical foods if we buy it with our eyes closed, without asking where his hat is from. RICE RICE of ILION is one… Read more

Rice pudding with Rice and Chocolate Rice pudding is a dessert that will make you successful no matter how unskilled you are in confectionery. I prefer it hot, with plenty of cinnamon and a little hot chocolate sauce. It is equally wonderful to be cold from the fridge, at breakfast but also after a dinner. It is memory… Read more

Romance, The Water Of The Grape The new production has often surprised me with its innovations. Fortunately, a fresh bunch of producers have realized that the future is not hidden behind another traditional jam but behind new products, aimed at gourmet shelves around the world. When I first met Romance, I suffered… Read more

Frying pans of Pelion with Grape Honey The modern diet hates sugar. From the most hardcore vegan to the one who just wonders what he puts on his plate, everyone will talk to you about alternative sweets, which are mainly imported from abroad… Read more


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Myronatos rooster & wild Sperchios rice with turmeric

Karystos lamb cooked in yogurt with Sperchios rice, spinach, kaukalithra and grape honey

Burgundy mussels and mussel pilaf served with sun-dried tomato cake

Lamb with Sperchios rice

Anchovy cake with wild rice "Rice"

Pilaf with rice "RICE" of the Ilesion Organization in the show "You are cooking"

Rice salad with rice Rice, shrimp and yogurt sauce on the show "You are cooking"

Baked pork pancetta with Staphylomelo Ilesion in the show "You are cooking"

Akratos Olesion Wine in the Show "You Are Cooking"

Subversive melomakarona with Staphylomelo Ilesion in the show "You are cooking"