Hedylli, dewdrop of fresh biological grapes, vegan 1,5Lt

5.40 /Lt

2016 – 1.500ml
Has a delicate taste and soft grape aroma. Hasn’t been added preservatives or any other kind of additives, is 100% from grapes!
Alcohol, calories and sugar free!
Unheated, unfiltered and unfermented.

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Hedylli – Organic pure dewdrop of fresh biological grapes

Hedylli is very pleasant and delicious organic beverage that aids the immune system accelerates digestion and assimilation of food, facilitates the body to produce energy, restores the natural micro flora to the skin and to the digestive system. It gives natural health to the human body.

Hedylli is produced 100% from fresh organic grape’s juice and it is unheated and unfiltered. It is free of calories, sugar, alcohol, preservatives, chemicals and colors.

Hedylli contains:

  • Phenols and polyphenols from the grape (resveratrol, etc)
  • Tartaric and malic acid
  • Probiotic lactic acid bacteria
  • Probiotic wild (native) yeast of the grape
  • Delicate aromas of grapes
  • 99% water without salts,

And many more…

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Number of Lt 1.5 Lt
Weight 2.50 kg