The Philosophy

Rescue of old traditional varieties!


Rescue of old traditional varieties!

Saving our Nutritional Heritage!

The environmental organization "ILESION" is a group of people who love man, nature and prove that there are solutions to today's great deadlocks! They believe that the collective group action with Eco-Self-sufficiency, Exchange and dissemination of our Nutritional Heritage, is the continuation of Life, the preservation of the Environment and Biodiversity.

That is why they chose the non-profit operation of the organization.

The thought of group action matured -like old good wine- when walking on Oiti, wanting to cut a walnut, they noticed that the walnut also had grapes! Bunches of black juicy fresh grapes! The plane tree married the vine, the white pumpkin The ropes were very tight to each other and did not cause any damage. The grapes were musky and sweet, while the unusually thick trunk of the climate showed its very old age. The climate had survived all diseases and had built a strong defense system. Over the years he had climbed and climbed on the walnut. The discovery of the 2,500-year-old unrestrained wine of “Peristera” had been impressed on their minds for a long time. That is why efforts began for wine without sulfite drugs, dyes and other chemicals based on Ancient Greek standards. Fortunately, despite the deterrence of many, they were justified and their goal was achieved! The Indestructible Wine Ilesion has been maintained since 2008 without any problems. So, they decided to create a team to promote our food heritage. Combining the huge, many years of experience and great information, with the current, perfect, technological possibilities, very important benefits for Life are easily obtained! Traditionally and with a look… in the ancient presses, they aimed to save old traditional varieties and to vinify with Ancient Greek standards! The Ilesion Community achieved: √ To find three “forgotten” by the state very old traditional “wild” grape varieties “Gosmari”, the white and the red “Kolokythara”. √ To find traditional seeds from “wild” plants in the mountains. √ To vinify many times with great success “unbridled wine” based on ancient Greek standards! Which is maintained without sourcing since 2008. √ To cultivate in a natural way together with the “weeds” and successfully organic rice in the area “Nature” (NATURA) of the river Sperchios.

Ilesion Innovation

Do it like the ancients!

Based on tradition and today’s technology, Ilesion reborn the Incontinent Ancient Greek Wine! In the process of the rebirth of Akratos Oinos, Ilesion created Staphylomelo and Eidilli. From 100% fresh grape juice, by removing only water at low temperature. It contains unchanged ingredients and aromas of grapes, giving the must the strength to make the high quality Akratos Wine! Ilesion, regenerating the Ancient Greek Wine, created the Romance, water from the grapes and the Grape Honey which is a natural syrup of fresh organic grapes. These products are 100% grape, without added sulfites, chemicals and sugar. They are unheated, unfiltered and unleavened, without alcohol! The Incontinent Wine of Ilesion when mixed with the Romance creates the Wrapped Wine, which today we call wine. Thus giving the opportunity to each friend of wine to create his own wine to whatever degree he wishes at that moment!

Akratos Wine + Romance = wine (Kekrammenos Wine)

As light as you want it with Romance (grape water) As sweet as you want it with Grape Honey! As natural as you want it with Unrestrained Wine Ilesion! The wine as you want it!

Ilesion’s innovation is based on red vinification and so the beneficial components of the grape pass -with osmosis- to the body of the wine, and are stored there without the use of precipitation and filtration proteins


Organic Rice

“Ryzes” is cultivated by the Community of Ilesion in the “Nature” area (NATURA) of the Sperchios river and is one of the few crops that help in the fertility of saline soils and in the preservation of the ecosystem of the wetlands. The cultivation of “Rizeis” is done without the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers with green manure and with the use of active microorganisms (EM) in alliance with nature. It was co-cultivated and exchanged aromas along with wild basil and all the biodiversity of the area. “Rice” is not subject to disinfestation and use of toxic drugs, so it must be kept in a cool and dry place. The Community of Ilesion