Ilesion Wine … Thespesion Drink!

With history and without chemicals

Kekramenos Oinos, the wine, … the wine, that another, ancient reveler recommended to us, will not be missing this year either from the ritual of domestic or public banquets.

Like a pound that will last for centuries, and for all seasons, with the same passion that brought the soul of the vine to this day.

Our ancestors knew how to drink “wine” …

And Starovas knows that

Ancient Greek Wine Ilesion

The Environment and Nutrition Organization Ilesion, after 30 years of research, reborn the Ancient Greek Wine based on tradition and utilizing today’s technology.

He created the high quality unrestrained wine that is natural and red vinification with wild native yeasts. No sulfite preservatives have been added, flavors, chemicals and colors, it is 100% grape! It did not undergo protein precipitation and was not filtered! Thus all the antioxidants, resveratrol, luteolin, OPC and all the polyphenols passed from the grape to the body of the wine. Wild yeasts also added dozens of beneficial polyphenols. Unrestrained Wine Ilesion is part of the Mediterranean diet (1) and the French paradox (2).

The Org. Ilesion also created “Romance” and “Grape Honey”, which come 100% from fresh organic grape juice. They are unheated and unfiltered without alcohol, sugar, salt, gluten and caffeine. They are separated from the grape juice at room temperature.

Eidilli, the grape dewdrop, is a very pleasant and delicious organic drink. No sugar, salt, preservatives, flavors, chemicals or colors have been added. It consists of 99% grape water without salts. It has no calories!

Grape Honey is a natural syrup (71 Brix) of fresh organic grapes. No sugar, salt, preservatives, flavors, chemicals or colors have been added. Contains unchanged ingredients and aromas of grapes.

The Wine of Ilesion when mixed with the Eidilli creates the Waxed Wine, which today we call wine. Thus giving the opportunity to each friend of wine to create his own wine to whatever degree he wishes at that moment!

Akratos Wine + Romance = wine (Kekramenos Wine)

As light as you want it with Eidilli!

As sweet as you want it with Grape Honey!

The wine as you want it!

Ilesion, Food and Environment Organization for the preservation, conservation and dissemination of biodiversity and our food heritage.

The accompanying song is “Krasopino” by Panos Tountas (1930).

The lyrics are heard:

Wine does not intoxicate me as much as I drink

I drink wine and I’m okay wherever I am